Professional Work

This page includes a selection of my projects from my time at the University of Chicago and positions I have held in the past.

A selection of homework assignments from Data Visualization taught at the Harris School of Public Policy. Homework assignments were performed under the guidance of our professor. The final project is a collection of work performed for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

For the final project in Harris' Data and Programming II, my team worked to evaluate the correlation between women's economic and social empowerment using World Bank data. Following the literature (Anderson 2008; Schwab et al 2021) I developed an inverse-covariance weighted index using inspiration from the UNDP's Gender Inequality Index to test the effect of "economic empowerment" on "social empowerment". Here, I highlight the code used to create that index.
Rather than sift through a document that's already challenging to find what you need, I've decided to host the nutrition PDFs of some restaurants whose nutrition information is easily gathered online. While Dunkin' Donuts inspired the original program, I am working on developing the existing functionality to work better with other PDFs. See here for my blog post on this endeavor!